Twinings tradition: brief history of Twinings

Thomas Twining opens „Tom’s Coffee House“ in London, where he also serves tea.  
Twinings exports tea for the first time to America. Among the first customers there is Boston’s governor.  
Boston tea party. Some settlers get to a ship in the harbour and throw all its freight into the water as protest against the high taxes by the Kingdom of Britain.   
Richard Twining manages to reach that the tax on tea will be reduced from 119% to only 12.5%, so the prices of tea go down as well. This way the hot drink will be available for anybody.  
 Queen Victoria makes Twinings an official Royal Warrant holder. 
The original Twinings shop under The Strand 216. becomes partly destroyed in a bomb attack of the Second World’s War. Within a few hours Twinings restarts to sell tea from a temporary desk. In the years of war the company delivers tea to several civil organizations (e.g. Red Cross).
Twinings makes tea bags for the first time. 
Twinings is acquired by Associated British Foods (ABF).   
Import and trade activities of Twinings in Hungary are taken over by Maresi Foodbroker Kft.

Twinings tea assortment in Hungary:

Black tea: Earl Grey, Lady Grey, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Prince of Wales, Black tea selection 5*5

Black tea with aroma: orange & cinnamon, four red fruit, peach, black-currant, vanille

Green tea: lemon, orange, apple, peppermint, jasmine, Earl Grey, Gunpowder

Fruit and herbs tea: camomile, linden, rosehip & hibiscus, rooibos, peppermint, fruit & herbs tea selection 5*5, pure herbal selection 5*5

Fruit tea: cranberry, pomegranate & strawberry tea

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