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Career Development at Maresi
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Career Development at Maresi

Maresi owes its success to its employees’ dedication and professionalism. This is why staff development activities are so important as a tool for promoting and fostering entrepreneurial thinking and a sense of individual responsibility among our employees.

Starting work at Maresi

We place great emphasis on helping new employees to get to know the company and their new colleagues quickly. Targeted training and support ensures swift integration.

Information and communication

In addition to professional training for their own area of operations, employees receive up-to-date information about the company’s performance, market environment and strategy.


We put outstanding emphasis on regular review sessions between employees and their supervisors. In the formal annual appraisals employees are given constructive feedback on their professional performance. The main focus of these meetings is on promoting a forward-looking, solutions-oriented approach.


Ongoing staff development and training is the key to our success. The content of training programms is updated every year to ensure that it reflects our current requirements. There is also outstanding training for individual areas (e.g. process management, leadership skills) and a training programme for managers.